This insurance protects against the employer`s liability for costs, liability, claims or proceedings resulting from non-reckless property damage, while it executes a construction contract, with the exception of contract work. This could be due to collapse, subsidence, heave, vibration, weakening or remoteness of the support or subsidence of groundwater. The cost of the premium depends on several factors, such as the limit. B of the necessary compensation, the value of the contract and the length, the proximity of other properties with the proposed works, including the depth of the depth of the excavation or post and the depth of the water table that must be removed. Contract insurance specialists can determine when there is “non-negligent party liability” and offer an insurance policy to cover the claim. If an extension or modification of a property involving changes in the support required by a party wall or divided, the authorization of the other party holding the wall must be obtained before the amendments take place and documents relating to authorizations under the Party Walls Act are required of a subsequent buyer. If no authorization has been obtained or the documentation has been lost, insurance may be taken out. Renovators must be aware that there is no need for a physical party wall for liability to exist under the party walls law, and that insurance against party walls is a reasonable option. The above text is taken from the model price in the 5th edition of the RICS guide on holiday walking methods. The clause was removed from the 6th edition (we are now in the 7th edition). The clause was deleted.

We all tend to have a fundamental understanding of how accountability works with third parties, so it is often assumed that the contractor`s liability policy addresses the issues that arise about the party wall. This is true to some extent, but for the contractor`s liability policy to work, the third party must prove that the contractor was negligent. Standard liability policies only work in cases of negligence.