MOBIBLOCKS has developed a proprietary online platform that allows white label partners to create and render, sell and distribute HD video advertisements through an OPEN RTB online auction system (the “Platform”). and 5. training; End-user support. (a) Training. MTP will provide Reseller`s sales and technical staff, through a web conference, with the following rates: (i) the number of trainings and training materials described in Appendix A that MTP deems appropriate to enable Reseller`s sales and support staff to learn more about the skills, operation and support of the Service; this training, which includes the technical consulting services and training described in Appendix A, to ensure that the reseller is able to provide, among other things, adequate and appropriate customer support for the in-house service. (b) Technical assistance. MTP and Reseller have the technical support obligations set out in Appendix B. MTP has no obligation to provide technical assistance directly to an End User unless MTP and Reseller agree in advance in writing that Reseller will provide such Assistance. 6. Intellectual Property Rights. Between MTP and Reseller, subject to the licenses granted herein and Reseller`s rights in the White Label Materials, MTP retains all right, title and interest in and to the Service, Service Data, Professional Services and Documentation, including all copies of the foregoing in any form or medium, whether they are now known or existing or developed for a later date. and, in addition, all intellectual property rights dependent on it […].