A franchise is a type of license that allows a franchisee to access a franchisor`s own business knowledge, processes and brands, so that the franchisee can sell a product or service under the franchisee`s company name. In return for the acquisition of a franchise, the franchisee generally pays the franchisor an initial rental premium and annual royalties. Although cross-selling and profit may be included in a franchise publication document (FDD), no legislation requires an estimate of the franchisee`s profitability, which depends on the intensity of the franchisee`s “work.” As a result, franchising costs are generally based on “gross sales revenue” and not on profits made. See compensation. The franchisee`s exclusive rights may be limited by the parties, for example. B the franchisor may reserve the right to operate units or businesses owned by the company under the franchised brand or exclusivity may be conditional on compliance with certain other obligations by the franchisee (for example. B compliance with the development plan). In the United States, a company becomes a franchise- After the FTC Franchise Rule, there are three general requirements for a franchise agreement that must be considered official: In 2005, an updated franchise law[35] “Measures for the Administration of Commercial Franchise” was issued. [36] Previous legislation (1997) did not specifically appeal to foreign investors. Further updates were made in 2007 with a view to greater clarity of the law. [Citation required] Finally, the granting of an exclusive business to a franchisee in certain territories may pose significant risks to the expansion of the brand if the franchisee does not adequately comply with its obligations under the existing agreement. The franchisor may receive additional protection when a franchisee does not meet one of its obligations, if it leases or sublets the premises in which the franchise business is operated.

This means that the franchisor is authorized to evict the franchisor from the premises, particularly if the termination provisions are included in the lease and franchise agreement.