The Personal Property Security Act (Alberta) regulates personal property security transactions in the province of Alberta. The PPSA is a code that provides for the creation, perfection, priority and advocacy of personal property security interests in the province of Alberta. Security interest is common in financing when a creditor lends money to a debtor and assumes a commission (or security interest) in certain personal assets as collateral for the loan. The guarantee contract is signed by the debtors, appropriately describes the security to be calculated and includes a specific “pricing” that uses the traditional language with regard to the security interest. The guarantee agreement will also deal with remedial measures in the event of insolvency that the insured party can apply to the debtor. The most common way to perfect a security interest is through registration. Registration is done by correctly completing a funding statement (or financial change declaration) and registering it through a registry office. When closing a funding statement, it is essential that the debtor and the guarantees are properly described in accordance with the CSA. When the registration is complete, a confirmation statement containing essential registration information is provided. Registration is effective on the date assigned to it by the Registrar Real Estate. An insured party might consider the debtor`s “property” to include his or her property.

The trap? In the Atlantic provinces, an ASG cannot protect real estate interests. The hose? Real estate, land shares, rents and leases must be guaranteed by real estate security such as mortgages, bonds, rentals or rentals, not by a GSA. Protect your security interests to make sure you get a refund. Intellectual property. Canadian federal laws govern trademarks, patents and certain other forms of intellectual property. Many of these laws are unclear, so a safe party is required to register GSA security on such assets nationally, in addition to enrollment in the PPR. The parties should have legal advice on this issue. To create a definite interest in personal property, the guaranteed party (creditor) must have an agreement with the debtor.

The debtor must be a property, in accordance with the provisions of according) and have the power to grant guarantees on the guarantee.