[Customer.Name] herely certifies that they have the right to authorize repairs to the vehicle mentioned above, either by legal property, by leasing, or by the written authorization of the owner of the vehicle. [Customer.Name] authorizes [Company.Name] to take the necessary steps to perform the repairs listed in this contract, including all necessary road tests. Also beware of unscrupulous dealers who may try to include a car service contract in your credit without your consent. If you see a fee for a service contract that you have not accepted, ask the dealer to take care of it before signing the loan agreement. This contract constitutes the entire legal agreement between [Company.Name] and [Customer.Name]. Other commitments or agreements outside of this contract and subsequent repair authorizations are deemed valid. Under the service contract, you may need to follow all of the manufacturer`s recommendations for routine maintenance such as oil ingion. If you don`t, he could cancel the contract. To prove that you have properly maintained the car, you keep detailed statements, including receipts. Find out if the contract prohibits you from driving the car to an independent station for routine maintenance or to do the job. The contract may stipulate that the dealer who sold you the car is the only facility authorized for the maintenance of the car. When buying a used car, pay attention to the buyer`s driver who has been posted on the side window. The FTC is requesting a guide for all used vehicles sold by dealers.

The question is whether a service contract is available. It also indicates whether the vehicle is sold with a warranty, only with unspoken guarantees or “as it is”. Find out who performs or pays for repairs under the terms of the service contract. This may be the manufacturer, distributor or independent company. Many service contracts are entered into by companies called directors that authorize the payment of debts to all merchants under the contract. If you have a dispute over whether a right should be paid, contact the administrator. When the administrator leaves the business, the trader may continue to be required to execute under the contract. The reverse may be true: when the trader withdraws from the company, the administrator may be required to comply with the contractual terms.

Whether you have recourse depends on the contractual terms and/or laws of your state. SeraatReparation coverage of the vehicle covered by the vehicle manufacturer`s initial warranty, with the exception of: [Customer.Name] agrees to pay for all of the services described above after the success of all car repairs listed prior to the withdrawal of their vehicle by [Company.Name]. [Customer.Name undertakes to pay for all parts, work, fees, taxes and other costs incurred in carrying out repairs approved in writing by [Customer.Name]. [Company.Name] will present, at the end of the repairs, an invoice listing all royalties and listing a final outstanding payment balance.