List all the standard or general benefits included in the offer (health, holidays, etc.). Include additional incentives, such as stock options, profit-sharing or other grants or warrants, that may require an explanation or qualification. Connect all the requirements for free movement, but there is no need to go into detail unless this employee`s compensation is atypical or may not fall easily into the definitions of your staff guide. Insert additional tariffs or expectations that may be associated with this increase in compensation. Additional tax for the end of the year supplemented by a contract renewal increment letter, in order to continue to be discussed in your salary increase In this example of salary increase, the manager met with the employee, so that the letter confirms what the employee already knows. The interaction allows the employee to ask questions. It also allows the manager to explain the company`s salary and reward philosophy. Few employees fully understand basic business information about reward strategies and philosophy. In addition, employees do not understand how much the base salary, benefits and variable earnings, such as bonuses, cost the employer or how they support the company`s salary philosophy. The manager is involved in informing employees about the company`s salary philosophy. For example, all increases are performance increases. This letter is your official notification that your basic salary will be increased from $55,000.00 to $56,760.00 effective January 1.

Explore human resources to find out how much your paycheck is, based on the deductions and other options you`ve chosen. Before receiving a pay increase letter from an employer, employees should have a personal meeting with their supervisor (this can be a video call if they are part of a remote team). In this meeting, the director should: The letter is the written documentation of the discussion on the salary increase. Employees receive these letters and feel that they are appreciated. The letter contributes to their feelings of pride in their accomplishments. Employees appreciate these letters and hold them for years. It is strongly recommended that the salary increase debate focus on the strengths and contributions for which the organization rewards staff through increase. The meeting is also a great opportunity for the manager to discuss with the employee what he hopes about the employee`s performance next year.

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