Read also the definition of the Pronoun agreement and examples to better understand the material of this agreement. In the example above, why we use it, because it is an agreement in English called in the form of an agreement in sex, if the subject before the feminine then the pronoun we use, it is because if it is used for men. The agreement in the number is an adjustment (compliance) in the form of numbers, usually correspondence in English, which is often used when there is a pronoun (pronouns) before the sentence, and the pronouns provided here are all pronouns, including individual pronouns and plural pronouns. Pronoun is before a pronodem in the form of a subject, which is why we often find in this agreement in the number often in English sentences that have a subject and verbs in the sentence. Concord or agreement is the agreement of the elements that make up a word, phrase or phrase in accordance with the language rules applicable to a language. Concord can be distinguished, among other things, in different ways: English chords also exist in different types of agreements in English, namely agreements based on sex, agreements on the basis of the type of pronouns, whether the first, second or third person and agreement on the basis of the number or number of first pronouns. , whether it is an individual or a plural. This time we will discuss the agreement in the adaptation of the first Pronofalls with the previous issue. – When a collective verb is used as a subject in a sentence. then the verb form used is a unique form.

Collective nouns can be units of measurement, money or temporal nouns. Example phrase: – If in a sentence two themes with the conjunction “either…. Yes…¬†“neither…. again… are linked. and “not just… but also… then the verb used should correspond to the last subject (the nearest verb).

Example: The example above shows that the pronomic agreement that follows the subject always follows the form of the existing subject. The difference with the denomination in the number of singulars is pronoun that follows it always confirmed that the object of the sentence is plural. This is the material on understanding the agreement and the number. – If a name is subject to a number, the verb form used is a plural verb. On the other hand, if you use the number, the verb is singular. Example: the number chord is used for words that use the shape of a word that precedes a pronoun.