Further down the page are various manuals for different positions and departments throughout the district. These manuals are intended for the convenience and reference of an employee when starting or continuing work in their position. Click on The Grievance Procedure to download TBU Grievance 101. The Teachers` Bargaining Unit represents approximately 1700 members in 25 Ottawa-Carleton high schools and 4 other locations. Teachers of in-service training, home teachers and teachers of the central support post are also members of the unit. | 2020-2022 ATA & AHSD 25 BOE Click on the image to get a copy of the OSSTF/FEESO D-25 Teachers` Collective Agreement 2014-2017 The “CO” is the teachers` newsletter. It is published several times a year. The new Conference Board of Canada report (click here to download the full report) Do you have any concerns about workplace safety? Or do you have to report a workplace accident? Ten members of the Management Board are elected by the General Assembly. Ontario`s economy depends on an educated workforce.

Cuts in education will only hurt our competitiveness in the global economy and cost taxpayers more. Sign up today to show your support and be informed of updates. Click on the image (above) for more information on how you can help. District 25 has developed an anti-harassment policy in accordance with the Federation`s policies and statutes. Please take your time to download it. ______________________________________________________________________. OSSTF/FEESO has long recognized the impact that mental health can have on students and the educators who work with them. In addition to our Mental Health: Let`s Take Action and Cultivating Resilience workshops, OSSTF/FEESO has identified a variety of resources and professional development opportunities that members may find useful. Click on the image below for more information: OSSTF/FEESO Updated Guide to Pregnancy and Parental Leave (rev. February 2018) Employment Insurance for OSSTF/FEESO members (rev.

April 2018) ________ We encourage you to participate in the Federation`s activities. The Teachers` Council meets every four to six weeks. Each section is represented by the section president and the teachers` council. All members may participate as observers. Occupational Therapist and Physiotherapist Assessment Form (ESP) Booklet Educational Support Staff Manual (2019) Stephanie Kirkey, Acting Chair of the Bargaining Unit; Dave Belcher, Acting Professional Services Officer; John Ross, Chief Negotiator, and Evan Cooper, Member Services Officer, are laid off full-time and available to become members. Stephanie, Dave, John and Evan can be reached at the district office (tel: 613-729-7211 / fax: 613-729-8565) if you need assistance. District 25 wants to be as transparent with its community and as supportive as possible with its staff. Below are links to the professional agreements negotiated (past and present) between the District 25 Board of Education and the Arlington Teachers` Association. Click on the image (above) for the CEO.

Full-Day Kindergarten Teachers` Bargaining Unit Letter of Intent Letter of Intent Application Page (August 2019) Click on the links below to download the negotiated contracts. Each branch (school) has an elected council. Members of the branch executive attend various committee meetings. Contact your section president for information on how to get involved at the school and committee level. Be sure to attend all industry meetings to stay up to date. Click on the image for the latest D-25 T.B.U. newsletter.