While legal services, finance and public procurement generally deal with media agency contracts, it is increasingly important that advertisers and distributors also ignore the details of their media contract agreements. In this rapidly changing and increasingly complex media environment, contracts are essential to ensure that contractual terms allow you to have clear expectations about the relationship and to solve problems when and when they arise. It is also important that your contracts change as the media market changes in order to stay abreast of topics such as transparency, compensation, performance numbers, brand security and advertising fraud. That`s why it`s important not only to enter into contracts with your media agencies and media providers, but also to review and update them regularly. Some old Fuddy-Duddies continue to avoid formal contracts and prefer a “gentleman`s agreement,” but lawyer Fiona Ghosh says these agreements are fraught with risks. “Gentlemen`s agreements always work well until one of the parties stops making money and wants to go out. Responsibility then becomes a central theme,” she explains. D.2.1 Seven.One Media places TT advertising in the category and, as agreed, under a number of pages. The category and environment of TT services are the result of relevant program structures/schemes in place when Seven.One Media confirmed the order. There is no right to place TT/TT advertising lines at a given position on a TT page. Seven.One Media will do everything in its power to facilitate the transfer of TT advertising to a teletext page desired by the contractor, but cannot provide any guarantee in this regard.

In addition, Seven.One Media cannot guarantee that no other TT pages will be offered in addition to the TT pages listed in the program plan. The contractor does not have the right to maintain a certain access period or a specific number on the relevant TT page. D.2.2 Seven.One Media and the contractor have the right to change ad placement reservations up to 6 (six) calendar weeks prior to transmission, as long as such changes are acceptable to the other contractor. The contractor may make reservations for agreed advertising transmissions (change in the form of reserved media, If the booking change request is sent in writing to Seven.One Media no later than 2 (two) business days before the agreed shipping date, the agreed booking volume (based on the respective price list) is maintained, the reserved volume is not much later than the originally booked volume and Seven.One Media has sufficient unused capacity to meet the new requested broadcast dates.