Please note that is not related to This is a guest contribution and NOT a sponsored contribution. 11. The SER is exempt from paying rent for all or part of these premises that could be rendered uninhabitable by fire; Government acts, disturbances or other civil unrest, hostile acts and/or other causes that are not subject to the control of the ERC and, in such cases, the rents to be paid are distributed accordingly, or according to its choice, the SERB is entitled to immediately terminate these gifts, without prejudice to its rights, works, taps, devices and machines covered by Clause 10. I have a commercial property in Gurgaon, and I have a foreigner who wants to rent the space. Can I lease with the foreigner in his name? What will it be later? Exercise this option and indicate prior notice. 15. THE SERB has the right to terminate the lease at any time by notifying the owners in writing three months earlier of its intention to do so. 16. Any notification to be sent to the SERB in connection with these premises, or in connection with these premises, is considered to be duly issued if it is transmitted by the donors by registered mail to the SERB and any notification is considered duly made to the owners if it is sent by the SERB by registered mail to the renters of their known place of residence.

Any claim or mail-in notification in both cases is assumed to have been distributed in the usual mail history. 17. In the event of a dispute or discrepancy over the purpose of these gifts or on a contractual clause, or on an agreement or a case included in the lease or other, it is referred to an arbitrator appointed by the SERB or by the Department of Science and Technology, the Government of India and the arbitrator`s decision are conclusive and binding on the parties. The provisions of the LEASE AGREEMENT – SAMPLE FORMATAN AGREEMENT MADE THIS ———————————– DAY OF ——————————– two thousand———- between —————————— ———————————————————————————————————- ————————————————————————————————- referred to as “The Bailleur” (which includes and attributes its successor to the place where context or meaning must require it) on the one hand and the SCIENCE ENGINEERING AND RESEARCH In view of the rent set out below and the other conditions set out in it, the landlord agrees to take over the land pacts and premises known as ——————————————————, as well as all the buildings and fasteners, devices and frames that stand and are located there (hereinafter referred to as “THE SAID PREMISES”), which are particularly described in SCHEDULE `A.2. The lease agreement begins on ————————————————- day ——————————- two thousand —————— and, to the extent that these provisions apply, sets for a period of ————– year with the option to the SERB to renew the lease for a new term in accordance with point 14.3. The SERBe pays, under the conditions of these premises, the rent of ———————————— per month late, including the rent. If the commitment created by this is served, as provided for in these gifts, the tenant pays only a fraction of the rent for the current fraction of the month up to that date.4