From an organizational point of view, intercompany management creates a system that avoids chaotic external financial transactions. From an economic point of view, Intercompany`s management is justified by the premise that a company within the group can finance a subsidiary or parent company on terms more advantageous than those of the banking market. In Allmybanks, you can also access information about intercompany financing in the group`s cash position reports. Intercompany accounts are automatically managed by cash transactions carried out on the accounts of the companies concerned (accounting and cash pooling). You can also manage them by importing data from other software or by typing additional transactions online. A group can manage its financing internally, either through credits or credits, or through the implementation of a cash management agreement. On the basis of a cash management contract and cross-guarantees, the group can centralize cash and ask its bank to calculate bank fees through a bank fee merger. Allmybanks calculates bank fees from the bundled fees. In the case of a cash management agreement with one of the group`s entities, any company in the group may assign a mandate (cash management agreements) to another entity of the group (the parent company) to allow that company to manage its cash flow. The parent company can therefore grant and receive advances. Funds are made available via current accounts.

To do this, Allmybanks offers the Payment Factory module. These tools allow you to monitor the financing for the entire group and manage the needs of each subsidiary through financing modules available to them within the application. This allows you to borrow in-house and provides a comprehensive picture of all loans and bonds of all the companies in the group. Allmybanks allows you to centralize payments for all or part of the Group`s companies in the banks of your choice (Pay on Behalf). In Allmybanks, the group can set up simple financial instruments in addition to the centralization function.