If the information is not public, it may also be treated as limited access, shared only with certain GitLab roles, teams or team members for data protection reasons, contractual obligations or other reasons that the author or DRI may indicate. Some types of information have limited access by default, including details of team members or customers who have not given permission to share the information. Consensual crimes serious acts of deviation, on which there is almost unanimous public consensus the twin myths of rape the idea that women lie about sexual assault out of malice towards men and women, will say “no” to sexual relations, if they really mean “yes” conflict and cooperation are therefore interdependent. These are alternative phases in a continuous social process12 that is the basis of human interaction: conflict, then cooperation, then conflict.13 Cooperation implies a harmony of expectations that is congruent with a balance of forces achieved by conflict. Contraception, including emergency contrast. While contraception has always been available, the appearance of the contraceptive pill has changed everything. It was easy to use and easy to use. With the liberalization of sexual attitudes, it has changed habits and behaviors….