CLUB PITCH. BuckDaddys consists of several non-adjacent rental lots, with a total area of approximately 7.5000/- Acres to Sabine, Tyler, Shelby and Nacogdoches Counties in East Texas. BuckDaddys offers its members different areas each year, with different topographies, based on lease agreements and private agreements with landowners, which may change from time to time due to factors in both their control and the absence of acquisition. If a property is not fully funded as planned, it is up to BuckDaddys to decide whether it is open or not. If BuckDaddys decides to close a property for any reason, the member who paid fully at the time of the decision will have the choice of moving to another property (if available) or getting a refund, minus the convenience and credit card fees paid by BuckDaddys. If a member is not fully paid at the time of the decision and is not transferred, the partial payment received is considered a non-refundable down payment. It is and will remain BuckDaddy`s goal to keep the real estate it has, each time in the best interest of membership or BuckDaddys, and continue to acquire new surfaces for its members, as viable opportunities arise and allow BuckDaddy`s resources, at his discretion. Members are assigned to certain properties and perhaps to areas of each property, but they can use all BuckDaddy Club grounds for recreation during the non-first hunting season (February 1-March 30 and April 1 – September 14 (if renovated) all buckDaddys club for their recreation, including camping and hunting turkey, dove, squirrels and other unprotected wildlife such as pigs. During the main hunting season (November-January) and for a period up to the main hunting season (September 15 – October), members are asked to visit only their allocated land for camping and/or other hunting activities, including, but not only for the treatment of their prepared areas and for the deer season. This gives members the opportunity to access all BuckDaddys land, taste you and enjoy, and if they wish, move to another prime property for next year, while preserving the integrity of other members` efforts to manage and hunt their exclusive hunting areas during peak periods, they should opt for deer hunting. BuckDaddys strives to respond to all removal requests from members, but cannot guarantee availability on other features. BuckDaddys does not rent its property, but makes available to its members all land, leased or owned.

All fees collected by the club owner are passed on to the member to whom this tax is charged and it is their responsibility to pay them within 14 days of notification. Each member is entitled to the member`s member and spouse and all dependent children under the age of 18 who use the BuckDaddys Club site for their outdoor recreation activities (including, but not just for hunting) during the member year.