You can aim for this conclusion at certain stages of Skatepark`s development. For example, the city council can formally authorize the creation of a skatepark steering committee, authorize the final location and certainly the allocation of funds from the general fund. Formal agreements offer the advantage of a clear and detailed expectation of all employees of the skatepark project. While a legally binding agreement is irregular, anything recorded is usually enough to hold a group to account. The more concrete and open this agreement can be communicated, the more binding it becomes. The frequent formalization and clarification of the expectations of both sides reduces the possibility of claiming “misunderstandings” as a reason why one`s side of the agreement is not being met. Model informal agreement between the guidance centre and the Youth Agency for the provision of counselling services to young people/clients of the partner agency. The fundraising agreement for your project is yours and your liaison officers in the city. Maybe you prefer something written, or maybe it will be a continuous and ever-changing collective effort.

Both formats have advantages and disadvantages and there are no obvious advantages for one over the other….