In Cape Town, Rob de Rooy does comic book contracts. He`s winning prizes. We even saw it at Forbes! Are there really “radical alternatives” to the treaty? If a lack of order of legal prose plays a role in the choice of cartoon contracts, you would expect this to be evident in the prose found in cartoon contracts. The WSJ article provides some evidence of this, in the form of the following excerpts from the cartoon contract that was at the center of the article, the employment contract used by the Australian engineering and consulting company Aurecon: what is the most interesting part of the Nexen project is why they wanted to make their contracts visual. Two businessmen talk about concluding the deal with the form form of the shake enterprise agreement “There are parts of this contract that ALL the world could understand. You have to rewrite it! Adrian Camara is the founder of Paper, the platform for reinventing contracts and how your teams work together. Financial commitment document. Change of funds, loan contract, promises of debt income. Issuers and beneficiaries who sign a contract. Businessmen who have the Sure deal, adding cartoons to routine contracts could help capture the reader`s attention. And as stated in the article, cartoon contracts are “particularly practical in situations where people have no formal training, have limited literacy skills, or do not have the legal system.” But what the article has to say is consistent with my general feeling that the car of legal design is usually placed in front of the legitimate prosaic horse. There are real tangible benefits to contract design that people, especially non-lawyers, can understand. Given that Nexen has been through remote energy projects, a major problem they probably faced was offers that did not comply with their RFPs and suppliers who cancelled (all the time) their contracts.

It is likely that they had non-competitive bidding procedures because many SME service providers were unable to bid because they were intimidated by the 75-side full text documents that traced the tendering process and the contract. “Before I go on, Julia, I want you to sign this damn love agreement.” It`s not just these pioneers in the room. Large older companies adopt the design of visual contracts in their operating contracts. The final step is to facilitate the introduction and present the contract to the parties. Comic book contracts can be printed and signed individually or signed online. Last October, Gary Crag of Nexen Energy (a large oil company based in Calgary, Alberta) won the International Association of Commercial Contract Management`s Social Benefit Award in Toronto for the simplified and visual design of contracts. We take your current legal agreement and verify and simplify it to improve its logic and structure. We will reorganize the information to make it easier to comply. Smart Contract enterprise concept, deal, bank, cryptography, trade, cooperation, transaction. Teamwork of office workers contracts, agreements, exchanges. “This proposed treaty requires more work.

I don`t feel guilty about it. “An oral contract is not worth the paper on which it is written. It`s not just about offering a comic book contract. We have solutions to improve the induction process, to reduce the time spent on contracting and to store contracts signed online, which are available to both parties.