Unless there is a contrary agreement if you buy assets with your own money, as a general rule, it should belong to you alone. The same applies if you receive a gift or if you inherit a property. When you buy things together, they are usually in common, but not necessarily 50:50. In the cohabitation agreement, you can decide that the common assets are in possession of the share of the contribution price. This type of agreement is a useful way to record the couple`s intentions on the legal and economic ownership of their real and personal property when they decide to live together. Not sure how this document might help you and your partner? Keep reading for responses to the 4 main FAQs on cohabitation agreements. You can rent a property and difficulties may arise if the rental agreement is in the name of a party. In this case, the other party is not normally allowed to remain in the property when the relationship breaks down and the tenant asks the tenant to leave. You may decide that the best solution is to convert a single lease into a common lease, but it depends on the owner`s agreement.

It is a good idea to review your cohabitation agreement on a regular basis, even if your circumstances have not changed to ensure that it remains appropriate in light of changes to the law. In the absence of agreement on cohabitation and/or fiduciary order, if you buy a property together, your property is 50:50, regardless of each person`s contribution to the mortgage and other invoices. Conversely, if the family home is owned in a common name (unless there is a written agreement to the contrary), the couple will own the property in equal parts, regardless of what they contributed before and after the purchase. If you have any further questions about how Stowe Family Law can help you in a community of life, please contact us. Only marriage (or life partnership) gives the force of law. However, if the lifespan exceeds two years, a child living alive may have the right to claim the estate of a union that has died after two years of living together. A cohabitation contract can also be used as a prenup (or pre-civil partnership agreement), but you must expressly accept that the terms survive the marriage or end with the marriage. Sometimes people make a prenupe at the same time as a common life agreement. It is advisable to speak to a lawyer about the best approach to your specific circumstances when it comes to marital matters and how they relate to your cohabitation. In some relationships, a partner has the most income or assets.