When processing applicants who request temporary entry in accordance with the post-sale provision of Appendix 1603.A.1, copies of the original contract for sale, warranty or service and renewals of such agreements are required. Internal purchasers are not subject to the LMIA procedure, but require a work permit (R204, T24). Permanent residents of the three countries are not covered. However, they are covered by the general provisions on the temporary entry of foreign workers. The duties of the profession that the entrepreneur wishes to practice in Canada must correspond to the professional obligations of the profession. For example, an accountant must try to enter Canada as an accountant and not as an accountant, which is not an activity covered by Schedule 1603.D.1. In addition, an accountant may not be allowed to enter Canada to work as an accountant unless the applicant is also qualified as an accountant, as indicated in the minimum requirements for general information and alternative credentials in Appendix 1603.D.1. In order to enter Canada under the “Professionals” category, a professional entering Canada as a business manager must work in his or her area of qualification, that is, an engineer, or the details of the job requirements and duties of a given occupation are an integral part of the profession. According to the Canadian government`s definitions, temporary residence, unlike permanent residence, is “a foreigner legally authorized to enter Canada for temporary purposes.” [109] Temporary residents are subject to a number of conditions, for example. B the length of stay and the ability to work or study while in Canada. USMCA employees who wish to change permanent residence have an advantage in Canada`s express immigration system, which allows these workers to obtain comprehensible grading points (CRS) for a job offer without first receiving a job from LMIA. This important factor allows these workers to increase their IRS rate, which gives them an increasing chance of being invited to apply for a permanent stay.

There are other ways to ensure that family members who want to be together can migrate together.