It was difficult to quantify the psychological factors that led to the introduction and continuation of benzodiazepine use. As shown in Table 1, the initial indication for benzodiazepines was normally, but not exclusively, anxiety or depression. However, all patients had a large number of anxiety/depressive symptoms at the time of presentation, which had gradually increased over the years, despite continued benzodiazepine use. In the vast majority of patients, these symptoms improved significantly after withdrawal. Although many patients, even those whose result has been rated excellent after 2-3 years, still have occasional anxiety symptoms, especially in times of stress, now seem to have learned to manage stress better than chronic benzodiazepine medications. A large-scale, long-term comparison of anxious patients who have been prescribed or not benzodiazepines would be necessary to resolve this issue. The Catalan & Gath study[12] suggested that benzodiazepines were no more effective than a brief consultation for patients with minor affective disorders observed in general practice and observed for more than 7 months. As an interim assessment of benzodiazepine withdrawal outcomes, the outcome was assessed at any time in the first 50 patients who attended the clinic. The result was classified into categories according to the following criteria: Distinguished (minimal symptoms, conducting a normal life, if necessary full-time, taking regular medications); Good (some symptoms, but able to lead a normal life and / or cope with a full-time job without regular medications); Moderate (better, but symptoms that affect life or require other medications such as beta-blockers or antidepressants are still present); Bad (benzodiazepine, but not improved, polysymptomatic and/or other necessary psychotropic medications); Failure (recurrence or unable to remove benzodiazepines). Finally, the results show that it is worth removing benzodiazepines in motivated patients like those in the present study. Depression can be a problem after withdrawal, as already mentioned [3,12] and as shown by suicide and three cases of severe depression in this group.