By renting, you agree to return your rental property on or before the due date indicated on the “Manage Rents” page in your account. The due date of each item you rent, as well as the option to extend or purchase your rent, are available on the “Manage Rents” page in your account. By keeping your rent beyond the current due date on the “Manage Rents” page, you agree to pay additional renewal and/or redemption fees, where possible. You can find all your rents and purchases in “My Belongings”. Dave Johnson/Business Insider Ownership of each rented item remains in the hands of the party to whom you rented the item (listed on your order confirmation) during the rental period. If you opt to purchase the rented item or if we charge you the redemption price because you did not return the item or because you returned the item in an unacceptable rental condition, ownership of the rental item will pass to you if we charge you the purchase price. If the rented manual you return to us does not have a postmark by the expiry date of the manual, we may, at our discretion, automatically extend your rental period. We can imagine that this news is one of the first consequences of the change in strategy recently announced by Apple. The Cupertino company charged until a few days ago a 30% commission on each in-app purchase (15% for annual subscriptions).

However, Apple now has “a program for video subscription providers to offer consumers a number of benefits such as integration with the Apple TV app, support for AirPlay 2 and Siri, tvOS apps, universal search and, if possible, automatic login.” It`s unclear whether, how much, and how Amazon and other companies that offer a subscription, sale, or distribution of movies and content will then have to pay Apple. For semi-annual rentals, we may extend your rental term by an additional 15 days and charge you the current 15-day renewal fee for the manual. If the rented manual you will see from us does not have a postmark on or before the last date of the extended 15-day rental period, we may charge you at your discretion the purchase price of the manual and the manual is yours. If we receive a returned manual, we will determine at our discretion whether it is in acceptable rental condition. If we classify the returned item as not in acceptable rental condition, we may, at our discretion, charge you the redemption price (calculated as the full purchase price of the item at the time of rental, less any rental and renewal fees you have already paid) and return the item to you for preservation. The deal, the economic details of which have not been disclosed, overcomes the problem that until now prevented Amazon from selling and renting content via apps for Apple devices: the 30% commission levied by Apple on everything sold via an iOS app. Because of this restriction, Amazon had limited itself to only allowing content streaming through Apple devices. The message of the deal was revealed by CNBC, which says it`s already possible (of course in the US) to buy Amazon Prime video movies and other content directly on the iPhone, iPad and other Apple devices. However, upon his arrival in Italy, there is no confirmation or denials: in the coming days we will see what the situation will be. If you rent something on Prime Video, you have up to 30 days to watch it. As soon as you click “Play” for the first time, you have unlimited access for 48 hours to stop and continue reading or watch it as often as you like, as long as you do so in the two-day rental window. During the first rent refund period (“first rental period”, defined as (1) for semi-annual rents, the first 30 days of the rental period after receipt or (2) for 30-day, 60- or 90-day rentals, the first 15 days of the rental after receipt), you may return the item through Manage Your Rentals.

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