In the case of taxation, the applicable percentage applies only to the rate of remuneration. Workers covered by the provisions of the timetable shall be entitled to the same conditions of employment as all other workers covered by this Agreement. (1) Basis points at 20 June 2013 were increased by 300$US before the 3.0% increase at the beginning. This reflects the introduction of the ATO Enterprise Agreement 2011 – Health and Welfare Allowance The schedule does not apply to existing employees who have a right against the ATO, which is subject to the provisions of the Workers` Compensation Legislation or a provision of that Agreement with respect to the rehabilitation of workers who are violated in the course of their employment. 2. When the worker`s skills are equivalent to the language aid test carried out by the National Accreditation Body for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI); or is considered equivalent by the delegate. 3. Where the worker`s skills are at an interpreter level recognised by NAATI as paraprofessional; or is considered equivalent by the delegate. * Public holiday (or other day replaced by a public holiday) Easter Saturday and the first working day following Boxing Day. Overtime worked on public holidays is paid with half a double rejuvenation. When an employee fulfills a normal obligation on a public holiday, the obligation must be paid during normal working time at one and a half hours, in addition to payment for the transfer of leave from surplus employees and financial planning and/or preparation of applications a) collaborators who were essential EL2.2s to the ATO at the beginning of this Agreement; The minimum amount to be paid is not less than the weekly minimum imposed from time to time by the Fair Work Commission in the APS Award. The ATO will take appropriate steps to change the workplace, where this will improve the employee`s ability to work. Under 18 years (if engaged before this agreement) ***.

Cadet APS (While Undertaking Practical Training in the Workplace (1) This allowance is only paid to employees who have successfully completed a training program recognized by the ATO. * The EL1 transition salary applies only to staff who were at the EL1 level prior to July 8, 2009. Enterprise Agreement 2017 (EA) will continue with three salary increases on August 4, 2020, August 4, 2021 and August 4, 2022 under the ATO 2019 provision. The figures in brackets represent the time to be devoted to recognized training. If no number of parentheses, accepted to be 20%. Normal full-time adult time, seasonally adjusted ** EL2 salary points with a higher work value apply only to:. Employees who are subject to this clause will receive the applicable percentage of the minimum wage according to the following schedule: Check out our press releases and check out the latest abs news. These rates apply only to employees who were recruited as a cadet before the start of the agreement if those employees are under 21 years of age. The provisions of clauses 14 and 102 shall apply to all cadets under the age of 21 who were recruited at or at the beginning of this Agreement. In order to carry out an adequate assessment of the worker`s effectiveness, the ATO may employ a person, in accordance with the provisions of this timetable, for a probation period not exceeding 12 weeks, with the exception that, in some cases, an additional period of adaptation of work (not exceeding four weeks) may be necessary. .

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