messing with your mind



The show is a hysterical exploration of the power (or lack thereof)  of our minds. We will measure the power of love with a lock and chain and explore if we really are all psychic. We will test to see if hypnosis is fake.  And, we will ask the most important question, “Why does Chris predict the numbers on playing cards instead of predicting the numbers for the Mega Millions Lottery?”





 “….smart, funny and professional. See you again next year!.”

Scott Boeman – Coca-Cola



“Wow, that was phenomenal! Rave reviews all afternoon.  Mind blown.”

Marcus Fetman – KM Consulting Inc.

“Any show with Chris Mansfield is just so intimate!  The minute he comes out, you are just right there with him the whole time.”

-Allison Mohler – Norwich Free Acadmey

“The audience was totally engaged.  We loved coming up on stage, it was fun and funny, without being embarrassing.”

-Thom and Kim Cordeiro – Cute couple